Tampa Bay

#29 – Steven Roberts – Certified Executive Chef

Stephen Roberts is an uber-successful Chef and business person. He has had incredible stints in the restaurant business across the world, developed food distribution online and now he is working with Air Culinaire Worldwide specializing in In-Flight Catering.


Listen to this very intriguing conversation as we going in depth in Stephens motivation, how he obtained so much success, living the life of your dreams and much more!

#28 – Catherine Storch – Client Relations Director – The Mortgage Firm Tampa

On this episode, we sit down with Client Relations Director at the Mortgage Firm Tampa. Catherine is without a doubt an expert on creating long-term customer relationships powered by events, fun and having a team culture.

Catherine and her husband Patrick have built an amazing business committed to excellence and they know how to make the people in their life feel amazing and bring people along for their amazing fun life.

Contacting Catherine or Patrick is easy and absolutely a must if you plan on refinancing, or acquiring a lone in the near future. Just google The Mortgage Firm Tampa, Call them at (813) 616-8844 or go to their website www.closemymortgagetampa.com


#26 – Torrance Marshall – National Champ MVP and Former Green Bay Packer

Tampa Rundown #26 – Torrance Marshall – National Champ MVP and Former Green Bay Packer

On this Episode, we speak with Torrance Marshall… He shares his experiences playing Football throughout his career and mentoring/coaching. He gives some valuable insight of taking advantage of skills learned from being in an atmosphere of competition and giving your best every day!

Torrance won the Most Valuable Player Award during the 2001 Orange Bowl and won the BCS National Championship Game against the Florida State Seminoles. He played 4 seasons with the Green Bay Packers after being drafted 72nd overall in the third round. After his 4 year stint in the NFL he went to the Arena Football League and set a single season rushing record with Tampa Bay Storm with 17 touchdowns on the ground.

Don’t miss this amazing conversation with a deep, interesting, down to earth, Beast of a man!

#24 – Matt Laporta – Major League Baseball

Tampa Rundown #24 – Matt LaPorta – Entrepreneurship through the Eyes of a Former Professional Athlete!

Ben and Jason sit down with the University of Florida Alum, Retired Major League Baseball Player, and Bronze Medal Olympian to glean stories and insight. Matt has an incredible mindset on achieving, being disciplined, working hard, thriving during the struggle and much more.

Matt has designed his own Batting Gloves, has a large family and is primarily focused on growing his Home Mortgage Business at Embrace Home Loans – Tampa.

Matt is extremely down to earth, relatable, kind and would be a great resource if you are in Tampa Bay. He is very positive and motivating if you are interested in following him on twitter or facebook.

#23 – Josh Michael – Paychex

On This Episode, Ben and Jason speak with Josh Michael. Josh is a Marine who notably served overseas in Afghanistan. He now is a Sales Rep at Paychex, helping companies handle all the stuff that they’d rather not be doing, like payroll and everything from hiring to retiring.

Listen in to a very interesting in-depth conversation as we discuss topics from Gasparilla, to Obama’s Inauguration, and building relationships with people for business.

#20 Randall Thompson – Founder and CEO of Dugout Mugs

In this episode Ben and Jason speak with Randall Thompson. Randall played professional baseball after spending four years playing pitcher in college.

He shares loads of his experience from playing, being a part of a team, starting a thriving company, taking an idea from a thought to a product and much more.

Randall has fantastic perspective and really has great insight into the life of an entrepreneur/athlete.

He is local right here in Tampa Bay and that is a big part of what makes Tampa Bay so amazing… We have entrepreneurs hustling to make this city amazing.

#19 Leslie Ann Pagan – Commercial Real Estate

On this episode, Ben and Jason speak with Commercial Real Estate Agent Leslie Ann Pagan. She is passionate about developing a client base of people who love to work with her. She goes deep with relationships and prioritizes the experience of owning and finding real estate for small businesses in the Tampa Area.

Leslie shares some inside secrets when it comes to finding real estate, looking for property, and developing a network of people that can help in the process.

This is a discussion loaded with good pointers, advice, and perspective so don’t miss out.

#18 Chandler Jerrico

Founder and CEO of ReBuilt Meals, Chandler Jerrico, shares amazing stories and perspective about life and business.

He is passionate about the Tampa Bay Area and loves to see other entrepreneurs like himself succeed.

Chandler is no stranger to hard times but has learned through experience, education and sheer determination that building a life is very rewarding. Chandler firmly believes that money should not be a primary motivator and shares how he surrounds himself with amazing people who are just as fired up as he is.

Chandler drops ideas such as “no bad vibes” and also shares a bit about asking for referrals and growing your business through your network.

Listen in on today’s podcast to hear another incredible up and coming entrepreneur that has been produced by this amazing city of Tampa.

#17 – Brent Britton

Brent Britton – Technology Lawyer, Author, Speaker, Start-Up Specialist!

In this interview, we discuss an array of topics from evolutionary biology and bonobos to Entrepreneurship and Start-Ups.

This is a super casual conversation as we learn from one of the best business minds in Tampa.

Brent is admitted to practice law in 3 different states! He represents all the best qualities that are Tampa Bay. Don’t miss this electric interview.



Tampa Rundown #16 – Alex Ditommaso

Tampa Rundown #16 Special Guest – @alexanderditommaso

Professional Dancer, Choreographer, and Director

Alex is a beast. He followed his dream of being a pro. He lived in L.A. for 3 years and just came back to Tampa. He is CRUSHING his Instagram game, he has close to 50,000 followers, he has unbelievable content and collabs with other extremely talented people as well.

In this podcast we talk about developing your passion, sticking to what your skills, and the amount of effort it takes to train and work on your craft.

Alex tells us his story and gives us a sneak peek into the life of a hip-hop dancer/ artist!

This is a super casual, informative, interesting conversation.