Month: December 2017

#20 Randall Thompson – Founder and CEO of Dugout Mugs

In this episode Ben and Jason speak with Randall Thompson. Randall played professional baseball after spending four years playing pitcher in college.

He shares loads of his experience from playing, being a part of a team, starting a thriving company, taking an idea from a thought to a product and much more.

Randall has fantastic perspective and really has great insight into the life of an entrepreneur/athlete.

He is local right here in Tampa Bay and that is a big part of what makes Tampa Bay so amazing… We have entrepreneurs hustling to make this city amazing.

#19 Leslie Ann Pagan – Commercial Real Estate

On this episode, Ben and Jason speak with Commercial Real Estate Agent Leslie Ann Pagan. She is passionate about developing a client base of people who love to work with her. She goes deep with relationships and prioritizes the experience of owning and finding real estate for small businesses in the Tampa Area.

Leslie shares some inside secrets when it comes to finding real estate, looking for property, and developing a network of people that can help in the process.

This is a discussion loaded with good pointers, advice, and perspective so don’t miss out.

#18 Chandler Jerrico

Founder and CEO of ReBuilt Meals, Chandler Jerrico, shares amazing stories and perspective about life and business.

He is passionate about the Tampa Bay Area and loves to see other entrepreneurs like himself succeed.

Chandler is no stranger to hard times but has learned through experience, education and sheer determination that building a life is very rewarding. Chandler firmly believes that money should not be a primary motivator and shares how he surrounds himself with amazing people who are just as fired up as he is.

Chandler drops ideas such as “no bad vibes” and also shares a bit about asking for referrals and growing your business through your network.

Listen in on today’s podcast to hear another incredible up and coming entrepreneur that has been produced by this amazing city of Tampa.