Month: November 2017

#17 – Brent Britton

Brent Britton – Technology Lawyer, Author, Speaker, Start-Up Specialist!

In this interview, we discuss an array of topics from evolutionary biology and bonobos to Entrepreneurship and Start-Ups.

This is a super casual conversation as we learn from one of the best business minds in Tampa.

Brent is admitted to practice law in 3 different states! He represents all the best qualities that are Tampa Bay. Don’t miss this electric interview.

Tampa Rundown #16 – Alex Ditommaso

Tampa Rundown #16 Special Guest – @alexanderditommaso

Professional Dancer, Choreographer, and Director

Alex is a beast. He followed his dream of being a pro. He lived in L.A. for 3 years and just came back to Tampa. He is CRUSHING his Instagram game, he has close to 50,000 followers, he has unbelievable content and collabs with other extremely talented people as well.

In this podcast we talk about developing your passion, sticking to what your skills, and the amount of effort it takes to train and work on your craft.

Alex tells us his story and gives us a sneak peek into the life of a hip-hop dancer/ artist!

This is a super casual, informative, interesting conversation.

#15 – Starting a Business – John Toomer

On Today’s podcast, we discuss Starting a business, Planning for success, Preparing through self-education and many other talking points.



#14 – Local Marketing Expert – Ruth Peeples

In this podcast, local marketing expert, Ruth Peeples, discusses her career, life and many other things as a lifelong citizen of Tampa Bay!